NO GHOSTS or how to identify a scam at an early stage of development of an ICO cryptocurrency project?

Tens, or even hundreds of ICO initiatives are turning to dust right before our eyes. Bitcoin is in a fever, the rest of cryptocurrencies, too. Everyone understands that global crypto history smacks of a big bubble. Many not only understand, but also openly talk about it. Lovers of puzzles are trying in vain to find answers to the questions “Why did bitcoin suddenly need everyone? Where is its useful function? ”Against this background, millions of investors continue to enter crypto assets.

Even if you invest only a few dollars in a project, most likely you will think about whether it will bring dividends. Everyone wants to make money fast and a lot, but is the game worth the candle?

Let’s try together to understand some of the nuances of ICO. Finansy take for Zimbabwe mubeso.

What to look for in the ICO project cryptocurrency?

Large or huge project budget

What to pay attention to in ICO Large or huge project budget

Recall last year’s parable about monkeys, successfully attached to the same village. This story became the # 1 hit among people who invested in cryptocurrency or thought about it. I wonder why the peasants got the money? And everything is very simple, their focus was completely transferred to the benefits, but no one even tried to think about where the actual product, which brings dividends, why this product is needed by everyone and how it works.

It would seem that if the ICO project managed to attract a large amount not only for the implementation of its plans, but also for a rich marketing promotion, this could serve as confirmation of its viability. Unfortunately, in the real world, sometimes it turns out to be completely different, but quite the opposite. If you distract from the HYIP and pay attention to the causal relationships, it will not be so difficult to understand the essence of what is happening and draw the right conclusions:

  • The creator of a token , a new cryptocurrency, or another ICO project “invented a bicycle” and went to look for money for its production;
  • Money was given to him.

What should he do? Start producing bikes and selling them well while earning? But no, instead our Creator began to actively invest in famous “advisors” (yes, it is in them that they hire consultants for business, not for “working as a face”, preferably American), hired the best PR agents, bought several lanes in expensive magazines and speeches at fashion conferences. Finansy do by Haiti feqinagocu.

At first glance, everything looks right and beautiful, but as soon as we remember the bikes, the picture changes immediately. And Vasya, it turns out not the one for whom he claims to be!

Lack of innovation in ICO project

Lack of innovation in ICO

Many ICO whitepaper-sites and sites are full of projects about the total demand for the tokens they produce, their benefits and the rapid increase in the value expressed in dollars. However, it is difficult to disagree with the last statement against the background of the progressive growth of capitalization and the cost of cryptocurrencies, on the basis of which new tokens are issued. Everything else is a big question. Indeed, why should millions of citizens break into another derivative of crypto-gold created by Satoshi Nakamoto?

After all, it is much easier to buy a bitcoin coin and not think about anything else! But if you really found a rational technological grain in the proposed ICO solution, then you should seriously think about whether it is a new branch of the development of the cryptoindustry that promises more than generous and most importantly long-term dividends?

Intention to release another new token based on the same infrastructure blockchain

Intention to release another new token based on the same infrastructure blockchain

Last year, I watched the development of dozens of ICO projects dedicated to various sectors of the economy. Enthusiasts of raising capital through ICO have authoritatively promised to use a public blockchain (mainly blockchains, on which Bitcoin and Ethereum are built) for absolutely any application, including retail payments and other transactions that require solid performance.

And, oddly enough, investors willingly believed this, spending hours waiting for confirmation of cryptocurrency transactions and paying commissions for the transfer of funds, worth dozens of dollars. The apotheosis of such initiatives was the game CryptoKitties (“cryptochos”), built on the basis of the blockchain and smart contracts Ethereum, which last December brought a lot of trouble to the well-known cryptocurrency, significantly “planting” the performance of the entire system. Finansy delay on KoreaDPR josideqi.

Lack of support for the industry profile

Lack of support for the industry profile

You see many ICO publications in the press. “Nothing that all of them are paid is now so accepted” – you reassure yourself by ticking the investor in your evaluation table and not even trying to think about whether there is at least one article or even a word that aired not for money, but for its meaning. You meet ICO representatives at crypto conferences and other relevant events (see Investing in ICO cryptocurrencies. ICO security for investors ). Colleagues of the crypto-world and other cryptocurrency evangelists applaud them vigorously.

You put the project another plus, without thinking about how recognized experts from the world of medicine (if the ICO is dedicated to medicine ), tour operators and hoteliers (if it was about tourism) or farmers with restaurateurs (if it’s about food) reacted to the report just delivered. ). Most likely, it would be worthwhile to show the material to professional professionals, because it is likely that beautiful words and slides have nothing to do with reality, and only the project creators can figure it out.

Registration of cryptocurrency ICO project

Cryptocurrency project registration

Speaking of beauty. I am not inclined to belittle the importance of high-quality window dressing. But let me, if I am going to support an innovative blockchain project on social networks and media, then why does my universe open up, painted in a standard landing page and parked in a standard ICO domain zone and not, say, in .TV? And why am I watching the same universe (from a slightly different angle, of course) on the ICO website dedicated to financial markets? And even in tourism similar images are seen. And everything is extremely simple, for such “ah-pictures” it is very easy to hide the lack of content and at the same time stay on top. No, I do not call to run away from all the colorful ICO sites, but it is absolutely necessary to check the presence of a clearly described idea and the ways of its practical implementation.

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