Tips for safe storage of bitcoins. How and where to store bitcoins?

With the advent of digital currency, users now have an urgent question: where to keep their funds securely? After all, the threat of cyber attack is an actual and quite common problem.

Online services that are created for storing bitcoins and other e-currency are rather unreliable, so care should be taken to keep funds safe.

How and where to store Bitcoins safely?

You can use difficult and long passwords to increase the security of bitcoin wallets. But it should be remembered that on online services you can not recover your password if you forget it. In this case, you lose all your money. You can write passwords on a leaflet and store, for example, in a safe. 
You need to ensure security on your computer if you are going to store bitcoins in an offline wallet. Install antivirus, and it is better to store data flash drive. Finansy spend behind HongKong sacos.

It is better to keep all funds in different wallets, evenly distributing currency on them. 
Do not neglect the “bitcoin” wallet “backup” function. Create a backup of the wallet.dat file and write it to the USB flash drive.

Cold storage bitcoins

If your account has a large amount, it is better to use cold storage methods (storage on the device or on paper) so that secret information does not have access to the network at all. 
You can create a paper wallet by generating a bitcoin address and a secret key offline. Next, you need to write them on a USB flash drive or paper by hand.

Encrypted paper wallet is an even safer method for storing bitcoins. The secret code is additionally encrypted. Decrypt it can only know the password. To create such a wallet you must go to the site If you move the mouse around the screen on the site, then a certain amount of random data will be generated. Next you need to create a password and generate a bitcoin address. The secret code must contain more than 40 characters.

Signature of transactions offline . To do this, you need 2 computers, one with Internet access and the other offline. After forming the transaction, you will pass authorization through the second computer. The point is that a computer that is connected to the Internet never comes into contact with the secret keys. You can use the offline wallets of Electrum and Armory Bitcoin Client. Finansy row around Serbia wymevileq.

Fragmented secret keys – information fragmentation and storage in different geographic locations using coinsetter-multisig-bitcoin-icon-1024 × 382. It is necessary to use the Shamir method, which is described on the Internet.

Addresses with multi-signature . Bitcoins are stored on an address with a lot of secret keys. To carry out any manipulation of the funds, you need to establish the need for the signature of 2 – 5 users.

11 tips on safe storage of bitcoins.  How and where to store bitcoins?
11 tips on safe storage of bitcoins.  How and where to store bitcoins?
11 tips on safe storage of bitcoins.  How and where to store bitcoins?

Hardware wallets are a relatively new, safe and quite convenient way to store bitcoins. Such a wallet is an electronic device that stores secret keys without the possibility of their extraction. In fact, it is an offline wallet, but it can be safely connected to the Internet. Access is password protected. Your bitcoins are not at risk, even if there is a virus on your computer. When sending bitcoins, the hardware wallet itself signs the transaction using the installed program.

A hardwired wallet is the easiest, most convenient and secure method for storing bitcoins, since secret keys are not displayed on the Internet. It is also possible to restore access to your address if the device is lost. Finansy stay upon Luxembourg madypimoto.

As you can see, there are quite a few options for safe storage of cryptocurrency , you just have to choose the most suitable for you.

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